Hartford Area Foundation Board of Directors

  • Mark Lindborg DVM – President
  • Linda Hauser – Vice President
  • Tom Haley – Treasurer
  • Scott Lopas – Secretary
  • Ralph Kuepper
  • Don Langenfeld
  • Mike Mally MD
  • Tim Michalak – Mayor of Hartford
  • Ane Ohm
  • Wendy Smith


Meet Mark Lindborg – President of the Board.

Mark grew up in a small Indiana town and went to college at Indiana University in Bloomington and then went on to veterinary school at Purdue University.

Mark came to Hartford in 1982, having just graduated from veterinary school, and became on of two founding doctors of Hartford Animal Clinic. He cared for the community farm animals and pets for 36 years and is now retired from veterinary practice.

Mark met his wife, Laurie, here in Wisconsin and they were married in 1988. They have one daughter, Analise, who now lives in Seattle.

He learned the importance of community involvement from his father who  instilled in him  that it is not what you get in life but rather what you give back. Mark has been an active member in various roles in the Hartford Area including the Jack Russell Library Campaign, the Veterans Memorial Pool project, the Schauer Arts and Activities Center , the Schauer Foundation, an active member of the Hartford Rotary Club and is on the board of directors of Forte Bank of Hartford

Mark joined the  Hartford Area Foundation board of directors in 2007 and became president in 2015.

Mark is honored to be able to be a part of the Hartford Area Foundation and to serve the community that has become his home.